Interview: Lehar [Diynamic / Siamese]

Interview: Lehar [Diynamic / Siamese]

Interview: Lehar [Diynamic / Siamese]

by February 1, 2018

Only few hours left before he’s taking over the ‘Technodrome’ stage in Tel-Aviv along side Frankey and Sandrino
We had the pleasure to catch Lorenzo for a serious conversation 🙂

1. Q. Hi Lorenzo, We are pleased to welcome you here. Tell us what’s going on with you these days?

A. Hello guys, and I’m very very happy to be back ! I had a very nice january where I was relaxing a lot, detoxing myself from tour, doing a lot of sport and working in studio.

2. Q. You’re about to start your 2018 tour called ‘All Through The Night’ at the Technodrome production in Tel-Aviv, These are going to be very intensive few months for you. Are you ready?

A. Yes, the tour will be a 3 months one and as i will play all night long most of the gigs yeah you can imagine how tough it will be, but i did it last year and it was one of my best experiences.

3. Q. It’s not your first time in Israel or Tel-Aviv, How you sum up your past experiences here, and how was your interaction with the local crowd?

A. This will be my third time to Tel Aviv / Israel, the crowd is very warm and I always felt a special connection. Last time I was playing in Beer Sheva and I had a great experience

4. Q. Let’s go 3-4 years back when you were less familiar, can you put your finger on the point where your breakout occurred and the speed which got you to where you are today and maybe even give a tip to young artist who have difficulty breaking out?

A. It’s very important to release your music on a label which is not just a label that is interested in your music but a label that can be something else, can be a stable home where you can build up your career and bring your music message. This is what happened to me right at the very beginning, the first home I had was Connaisseur Recording for a couple of years, together with my mates Musumeci and Olderic, then I moved to Diynamic Music.

5. Q. Tell us a little about your feelings, how it feels to be a part of the Diynamic family, be surrounded by so many talents and play with the leading artist all over the world. Does pressure and intensity motivate you forward and make you better?

A. As I said it s good when you have a label which is something more. It is good to share this experiences with these big professional artists.

6. Q. You recently posted that you and your good friends Olderic and Musumeci are launching a new project called ‘Multinotes’, Is this the kind of cooperation you guys had under Connaisseur Recordings? What can you reveal at this point?

A. Yes! It’s been 2 years that myself, Musumeci and Olderic have in mind to start our own label where we release music we love and build a solid team around us. So now it’s time, Multinotes first release will be in April 🙂

7. Q. Share with us your thoughts, the goals you set for yourself in the new year, and what dreams you would like to achieve in 2018?

A. I’m very happy that finally we opened the label and this for me is one little dream came true, of course this is just the beginning, we have lots of ideas we want to make it reality! Another project we are working on will be our own night by Myself with Musumeci for the summer… and lots of new music as always 🙂

8. Q. Give us some scoop regarding upcoming releases this year, We all saw the big black&white Innervisions logo you and Olderic shared so Stereocalypse are back!? And what about your solo project?

A. StereoCalypse will release on Innervisions this spring. Regarding myself I have an EP ready for Multinotes, which is scheduled for this summer

9. Q. name 5 favourite tracks there’s no way you enter the club without them?

A. From the new EP of Enzo Elia on Multinotes there are 2 tracks which are great and I’ve playing for a while now, new demo by Phunkadelika, new demos by toto chiavetta and new tracks by a new project from our family called Aldebaran, keep an eye on this 😉

10. Q. We won’t say goodbye before you tell us what are you preparing for us on your upcoming visit, It’s important to note that you are going to share decks along with Frankey & Sandrino which I personally think is the perfect threesome ever!!?

A. Ahaha thanx a lot! Imagine that I’m coming from a one month vacation, I played just one gig, so I am supercharged, and full of energy and new music to share with the Tel aviv crowd!! Are you ready?

Much Love


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