UTA Podcast 022: Innellea [Musica Autonomica]

UTA Podcast 022: Innellea [Musica Autonomica]

UTA Podcast 022: Innellea [Musica Autonomica]

by June 5, 2016

Good evening Undergrounders, This time we have 2 awesome guys, Michael & Daniel from Munich but you probably know them as Innellea.
They have awesome music and you will hear it in the podcast they recorded for us.

They also sat and talked to about music, exams and live set 🙂

Here is the the full interview:

Q. Hi guys hope you’re both well, We are pleased to welcome you here. Tell us what’s going on with you these days?
A. Hi man, thanks for having us. We are really busy at the moment. Besides doing what we love (music) we have to learn for our exams. Right now we are working on our first liveset which is very exciting for us!

Q. It seems that 2016 is going to be your breakout year, what have you learned so far and you bring it to the studio that makes more and more people fall in love with your music?
A. We would say that the most important thing is to stay “real”, No dissimulating just to please someone else. If you do what you are really into the people will feel it!

Q. Tell us about your work flow in the studio, how you pop up with new ideas for music?
A. Because Dani lives in Augsburg and Michi in Munich most of the time one of us starts a track and then we finish it together. But sometimes we also start tracks together. Like “Saladin” for example.

Q. describe your work environment, what equipment we’ll find in your studio and what’s your favorite tool?
A. For our Drums, we use the “Maschine” and some generators – like “Bazzism” for our kicks -. But we also really love to record own dynamic drums like shakers, bongos, percussions.
We also own a “Clavia Nord Lead/Rack” the “Arturia Minibrute” and then we use some Plugins like “Diva” or the “Arturia” collection.
Right now our favorite tools are the “FabFilters”!

Q. Tell us about the meaning behind the name Innellea ?
A. Innellea is a neologism we created out of some letters we took from our names. We just wanted a name which flows and sounds good 🙂

Q. Who were your biggest influences At the beginning of your way?
A. Puh it´s really hard to name some because there are sooo many influences. Besides inspiring artists you get influenced every single second by your environment for example by walking through a park, a street, leaving your house.

Q. Name some tracks you’re digging at the moment?
A. Jacque(s) – La Tournure des Choses
Those percussions and his arrangement is just incredible!

Q. Any other hobbies that you have?
A. Talking bullshit to each other.

Q. What do you guys have planned for 2016, Upcoming releases and gigs?
A. Like we said in the first question our main thing right now is getting our liveset ready for some festivals and gigs this summer. But of course our productions never sleep and we are really looking forward to our next Ep´s and Remixes on great labels but we don´t want to tell too much. Just stay tuned 🙂

Q. Can you tell us about the mix?
A. We created the mix after a really heavy night out at the Wannda Circus here in Munich. But the plan behind the mix was to show a bit different tracks, not to ethereal. And of course if you listen carefully you can find some of our unreleased songs 🙂

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!

Thank you very much xoxoxoxoxo


01. Red D – Chez (Original Mix)
02. Parple – Ritual (Original Mix)
03. Monoplay – Anymore (Manuel Tur Rmx)
04. Low Manuel – Catherine (Original Mix)
05. Zepherin Saint – Canima (feat. Adama) (Afrotech Instrumental)
06. Sixnautic – Hideyoshi (Benny T Tswana Perspectives Afro Mix)
07. HRRSN & Talul – New Home (Innellea Remix)
08. Innellea – Nachthure (Original Mix)
09. Patrick Bishop – Un (Tuff City Kids Remix)