D33P- Originals 3 Track EP [D33P Music]

D33P- Originals 3 Track EP [D33P Music]

D33P- Originals 3 Track EP [D33P Music]

by September 10, 2014


Interview with Chaim [Culprit, Rumors]

Chaim Avital aka Chaim, who was born in Tel Aviv, recently

July 19, 2016

Not very many artists are as committed and moreover intimately set up the intelligent spectrum of dance music as well as Alex Bass alias D33P.
With seminal head warping releases such as this- ‘’Originals EP’’. The pack contains 3 awesome trios of tunes, that’ll make much of the Ice melt in Antarctica. So without further ado- ‘’House of 2001’’, Original Mix the first of the lot brings out a murky stereo feel with subtle shifts of thick bass pulses from the onstart. It moans like a cold wind with a creeping melody line underneath all the pounding. There’s a mournful atmospheric buzz and blurry drone sample with rapid tumbles of bass, cascading around shiny synth quality. Bravo!!
Taking on ‘’Talking Forest’’, Original Mix has a jarring thick Bass shudder that starts it off nice and easy and then that haunting melodic face shows up in its interior, flickering licks of slow sinewy low ends just pull you in its depth. It’s subtle yet has a whirling chime added in and quivering moody insistence throughout. Then those layers of electronic pads get a layer of fluty calls on it and I’m sold.
When you get your senses tuned in to ‘’Kultura’’, it becomes necessary to remind yourself about D33P’s fabulous musicality with this Original handiwork. Taut hypnotics beckon you to its textured finesse. The kind that makes you wish the track never ends. From the melancholy low end, echoing electronic pads and ridiculously relentless melodic line to the beastly Bass gore, and in short it’s all frigging awesome music work.


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