Interview with Chaim [Culprit, Rumors]

Interview with Chaim [Culprit, Rumors]

Interview with Chaim [Culprit, Rumors]

by July 19, 2016

Chaim Avital aka Chaim, who was born in Tel Aviv, recently released his album “Nineties” on Culprit.

In case you haven’t already listened to his new EP, you can check out our previous review about it here buy it here.

Chaim gave us some insights on his thoughts about inspiration and electronic music in our interview with him…

Q: Hey Chaim, hope you’re doing good!? Thanks for talking to us! You just played in Tel Aviv a couple days ago. What’s it like to play in your home town in comparison to gigs abroad?

A: It’s always great to play in Israel, like always,  specially to be surrounded by my close friends and people that supported me since the beginning of my carrier.

Q: What have been your biggest influences regarding music from the beginning until now?

A: Inspiration is something that changes from moment to moment from music to people etc. Especially in the last 10 years. At the moment I am inspired by a chef from Tel Aviv who talks about food and every single object in the world in a poetic way. It inspires me to appreciate every sound I’m working on in a whole different aspect and gives different meanings to things i just started to work on. As a musician I started with a band and my biggest inspiration was Joy Division and Depeche Mode, I like to end my sets with a song from them.

Q: If you could only choose three words, which would describe your style and taste in music best?

A: melancholic, strange, middle eastern.

Q. You just released a new EP which is called „Nineties“. Can you tell us a little bit about!?

A: I always wanted to make something with the beats I used in Nineties and finally I put all the parts together in to one track while i was in New York during Winter. I called it this way because of the mid 90”s texture of the track. I had the vocal on the second track for many years from Meital de razon, and I just twisted it.

Q: Is there a track or version you like in particular?

A:  My favourite track is Ninties. I like the bass line and especially the fact that it comes in after almost two minutes.

Q. If you could work with any artist you hadn’t already worked with, who would be on top of your list?

A. James murphy

Q. What have you got coming up for the rest of the year? Anything you are especially looking
forward to?

A. I actually have some exciting stuff coming up. A new release on Jeudi Records and plenty of remixes.

Thank you for talking to us and keep up the great work!


Listen to “Nineties” EP below, don’t forgot to support the artist and buy his music here.