Cornucopia – Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly EP [microCastle]

Cornucopia – Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly EP [microCastle]

Cornucopia – Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly EP [microCastle]

by September 29, 2016

Debuting on Canadian label microCastle the ever mystifying Cornucopia is simply stunning with this three tracker ep titled – Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly”. It’s a package that overall is impossibly flawless in execution.

As I dive in to the title tune, it’s the one way ride in to a cavernous dark space, where it’s easy to be lost, easy to sway to a subliminal ravey layer of submerged beats. A somewhat straightforward offering that deals with spindly electric charges and a forward-driving melancholic bass line. The track deals in pure black hole atmospheres, playing tricks in an air-deprived oxygen chamber, audibly-diffusing mists of frequencies sucked into the invisible swirling vortex of mind dulling soundscapes.

Next up – “Neverland”, expertly takes on spilling over ruffles, stretches and molds them into and over each other like fondant. The effect becomes fascinatingly psychedelic as the electronics stumble over its own toes disregarding time signatures as its synths swell obnoxiously over a beauteous melodic content, quivering over dubby bass kicks.

Finishing up – “Mountains Of The Moon” puts the swing back in to things, beautiful and far from humble in demeanor.
The cough-syrup-laced beverage of choice, presumably explains the chopped-and-screwed lilt in the interiors taking turns being husky, slurred, hypnotic in parts. But it’s not just the salient features that make the track exceptional; anyone could take a phrase like that and pair it with a moody organ chord progression over a jacking house beat, but its how Cornucopia styles all those elements together, is where the magic starts to unfold. By the time one hits the far reaching break down it’s time to be hypnotized with the solo, awkward and jittery, against spongy, muted chords that never end, that you don’t want ending as the tune runs its course.

Fabulous stuff!!