Vomee – Andromeda E.P.

Vomee – Andromeda E.P.

Vomee – Andromeda E.P.

by January 3, 2016

Take a pianist and a DJ producer and merge them into one project… the result will be shocking.

Vomee project is an Italian duo and the two minds are Antonio D’Amato and Gianluca de Girolamo.

The EP already played from Mind Against, Agents of Time and Fur Coat is composed from rhythmic techno, Dark arp and melodic lines that make this project even more unique and special.

To surround the whole we think the Hush & Sleep thanks to their unique sound have created an amazing track destined to leave their mark on the dancefloor.

1st snippet from this amazing EP is up now, We hope you love it as much as we do..!

Release date: Soon On Be Free Recordings

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