Varysoo – ‘In The Clearing’ EP [Bade Records]

Varysoo – ‘In The Clearing’ EP [Bade Records]

Varysoo – ‘In The Clearing’ EP [Bade Records]

by October 25, 2014

UK based imprint Bade Record returns this November with ‘In The Clearing’ from German
producer Varysoo, featuring remixes from Dahu, Fedele and Kris Davis.

Bade Records : ‘’Varysoo from Stuttgart, Germany is a newcomer on the techno scene and is sure to
turn some heads. His style and production are unique with a passion for throbbing bass and intricate
percussion. ‘In the Clearing (Original Mix)’ typifies the style that Varysoo is dedicated to and has
certainly gained him some new high-profile fans.

Kris Davis, from Portsmouth UK, also a relative newcomer to the scene recently released his first
Closer EP with Dutch label Subjekt and has received praise for his individuality and production style.
His remix implies the maturity of a seasoned producer toying with the listener and delivering an end
product worthy of critical acclaim.

Berlin based artist Dahu made a reputation for himself on the Steyoyoke imprint with his North EP,
gaining recognition and support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and Marc Poppcke, and here
his delicate melodies are prominent in his remix of ‘In the Clearing’, balancing heavy, driving bass
with fragile and captivating arpeggio.

Italian artist Fedele demonstrates his individual production and capability away from the Agents of
Time moniker. Fedele’s remix provides an unparalleled groove combined with progressive elements
that certainly differentiate from the Dahu and Kris Davis remixes, leaving a perfectly constructed

Varysoo’s ‘In The Clearing’ is out on Bade Records 10th November 2014.

SUPPORT FROM: Mario Basanov, Dark Sky, Hunter/Game, Ian O’Donovan, Marc Poppcke, Cinnaman, Few Nolder, Musumeci, Whitesquare, Greenville Massive, Olderic, Ed Davenport, Whomi, Holger Hecler, Ettap Kyle, Translucent, Nick Devon, YokoO, Eomac, Speaking Minds, Jon Charnis, Dale Middleton, Patlac, Dane Shake, Krink, Stephan Z, Kalipo, Yoram, Lehar, Jonas Saalbach, Peter Pardeike, Javier Logares, Muui, Dodi Palese, Svjet Lana, Melokolektiv, Julien Piacentino.

1. In The Clearing (Original Mix)
2. In The Clearing (Dahu Remix)
3. In The Clearing (Kris Davis Remix)
4. In The Clearing (Fedele Remix)

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