UTA Podcast 011: Kevin Over [Get Physical / Noir Music]

UTA Podcast 011: Kevin Over [Get Physical / Noir Music]

UTA Podcast 011: Kevin Over [Get Physical / Noir Music]

by November 28, 2014


Interview with Chaim [Culprit, Rumors]

Chaim Avital aka Chaim, who was born in Tel Aviv, recently

July 19, 2016

We sat down for some chat with the might Kevin Over!

Check out the interview and be sure to check out the exclusive mix he recorded for Underground Tel Aviv !

Q. Hi Kevin! Welcome to Underground Tel-Aviv, where in the world are you right now?
A. Right now I am sitting in the train and travelling through the deeper shades of the Ruhr-Area , armed with paper and pencil to answer your questions.
Analog Letters!

Q. On the studio side, what programs/ instruments / vst do you use for your productions?
A. I am deeply in love with everything from Native Instruments. They are doing great work so far.
Furthermore I have a bunch of freeware-plugins and sample collections, collected since I started doing beats.
My favorite DAW is Steinberg´s Cubase – feeling familiar with it for years now.
My analog equipment consists of Korg´s Volcas Bass & Drums and Roland´s TR-8.

Q. Which advice would you give to aspiring producers?
A. Sometimes it seems to be difficult, but try to find a sound you can identify with, even at a later time.
Don´t be afraid of killing projects and sending them to your digital bin in the progress of findind your sound.
Another point I always think about when I listen trough promos and stuff is:
A great track is not always defined by perfect EQ-ing and compressing.
Sometimes I think people are spending too much time on twisting knobs which sometimes can kill the spirit of a track.
An interesting work can be made of a quick and raw idea!

Q. Can you tell us about your creative flow? How do you start a track in the studio?
A. I always need the right mood to get on a new track; sometimes it´s easier to find a start, sometimes not.
A calculated randomness and experimentations with effects, digging samples and playing with them are feeding my flow.
When I see that a track takes shape, got a character and doesn´t start bothering me I am satisfied and start arranging it.
I know we all heard it a couple of times but it´s always a magic feeling to finish a new track. Priceless!

Q. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us about?
A. In the beginning of december my 3rd EP on Noir Music will be released in connection with a special 12 inch , which features a little “best of” from my past releases on Noir Music.
Furthermore there are coming some remixes end of this year, amongst others for Ruben Mandolini on Snatch! Records and for Dene Antony on Definition: Music.
Right Now I am working on another EP ,which may appear on a really cool label at the beginning of 2015.
Watch out!

Q. Who are the artists and DJs who gave you inspiration to start your career?
A. When I started doing music I was diggin the Progressive House Scene UK in 2003 which has nothing, seriously nothing, in common with that crap known as Progressive House today.
Later I was totally hooked by the sound of Abe Duque. His “What happened” EP with Blake Baxter is one of the most important records to me and has never left my bag.

Q. What are your current top music gems?
• Maximiljan – Son Of A (Hudd Trax)
• Omega III – Ox (Klasse Recordings)
• DIF – Ghostrider (Frag Maddin Remix) (unreleased)
• Tiger Stripes – Keep a Movin (Desolat)

Q. Any chance to hear your playing at Israel this year?
A. I have never been to Israel but I heard that you have a great scene and electronic music culture, especially in Tel Aviv. Would love to drop some beats there in 2015. To all promoters: Feel free to contact me or my agency!

Q. You’ve recorded an exclusive mix for Underground Tel Aviv, what can you tell us about this mix?
A. This mix is representing my love for raw grooves, deep vibes and vocal sampling. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!