Tim Penner fea. Amber Long – Forgive Me [Slideways Music]

Tim Penner fea. Amber Long – Forgive Me  [Slideways Music]

Tim Penner fea. Amber Long – Forgive Me [Slideways Music]

by March 11, 2015

Tim Penner feat. Amber Long – “Forgive Me”, releases on Slideways Music this March and is a novelty offering of sorts. In one its fantastic source material to dance to, on the other hand, its piquant quality is not everyday run of the mill club fare. The latter hugely due to Canadian vocalist Amber Long’s provocative sing song, that rouses you from your bored existence, to tantalize and to touch you from within, in an unique way.

Moving on the original mix has Penner’s magical brush strokes on it through and through. The expansive cinematic overture, fly high over the clouds progression marks the inner beauty of the tune. The toddling bass line, matches it’s feet with the percussions and rhythm filled beats make you wanna smile along the floor. All interlocking beautifully, you could dance a different move to each bar, never repeating yourself, but still keep the bubbling percolating groove going the whole way on.
On to the heavy weight reworks, Kassey Voorn & Turner delivers a melodic version, with riffs that crash in like your favorite evil synth sound, but in a warm more organic way. The bass shudder is dense thick, the one which you will turn to over and over again to dance to intricately and effortlessly. The wobbly and winding quality of their handiwork is fantastically notable.
Solid Stone show up with the third remix. By far the most percussive of the lot, there’s a good ole break down, which warrants eyes closed swooning, with the melody slinking in towards you. The arpeggio is rapid and ascends like no other. The bass fills out almost the whole room shattering thin cold, unlike the plumpness of the previous remix.
Finishing up the EP, Tel Aviv music maker Chicola throws down a big room Techy gauntlet, with elements from the original somewhat withstanding. A glitchy version that’s arched like a Cat ready to jump at ya! There’s a new groove attached, echoey in the center, jarring acidic showers on the outside and a dash of melody somewhere around, yet the reconstruction is complete.
Man, I need a break. Get this EP, enough said.