Thomas A.S. – North Lake EP [Fantome de Nuit]

Thomas A.S. – North Lake EP  [Fantome de Nuit]

Thomas A.S. – North Lake EP [Fantome de Nuit]

by March 30, 2015

Italian producer Thomas A.S. is set to release his latest EP, ‘North Lake’, on the rising Beirut
based label Fantôme de Nuit in April 2015.
Not one for elaborate biographies or fancy press packs, twentysomething Italian producer
Thomas A.S. has made a name for himself through his excellent music, which has come on
labels like Highrade, ExpMental, Resopal Schallware and many more.
Thomas opens up his latest with the title track ‘North Lake’, a nine minute opus that is
underpinned by a massive kick. With a driving beat and crisp percussion he locks listens in
before spacing them out with wide open pads and a perfectly executed vocal line.
‘Every Time You Fall’ begins with a mix of smart clanks and some heavy waves of bass. The
two work together to envelope the track and by the time the kick drops in, you’re already
nodding along. Significantly darker than the opener, this one has a menacing vibe and
continues to build and break as it unfolds, growing ever more engaging as a result.
Nick Devon is first to step up on remix duties with his interpretation of ‘North Lake’ and
although the mix takes more of a techy twist, it’s the enormous bassline that really stand out
here. His use of heavy delay and clever pads make for a delightful build up just before the
track drops out near the halfway point. Reduced to bare percussion and and a deep synth line,
it floats in mid air for seconds before slamming back to reality.
London based duo Daylomar wrap the release up with their take on ‘Every Time You Fall’.
Stripping the track down to its most prominent features, the duo introduce some clever drum
programming to mix things up. Their version of Thomas’ menacing b-side is significantly lighter
and offers a beautiful variation to the original mix.
This is another varied and inventive EP from both Thomas AS and the Fantôme de Nuit label
that is sure to win both many new fans.

1. North Lake
2. Every Time You Fall
3. North Lake (Nick Devon Remix)
4. Every Time You Fall (Daylomar Remix)

Release Date: Out now on vinyl
Digital April 27th 2015


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