Premiere: Fec feat. Haptic – Fantasy In Our Reality (Dario Dea Remix) [Anathema Records]

Premiere: Fec feat. Haptic – Fantasy In Our Reality (Dario Dea Remix) [Anathema Records]

Premiere: Fec feat. Haptic – Fantasy In Our Reality (Dario Dea Remix) [Anathema Records]

by November 10, 2021

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Anathema’s label-boss Fec is back in business teaming up with Producer/Vocalist, Haptic from Newcastle, Australia. Remixes curated by Italian-born DJ & Producer, Dario Dea and Amsterdam’s DJ/Producer, Yoram.

Fantasy In Our Reality (Original Mix feat. Haptic) is paced by a break-beat and tripped-out keys incorporating Haptic’s sweet and subtle vocals. A second bridge introduces a synth harmony progression intertwined with musical elements from electronica. The symphony of all joint forces defines the track as an emotional journey, and having Haptic as a vocal guest, just simply gives you the chills.
Side note: there’s also an instrumental version of this track available.

Fantasy In Our Reality (Dario Dea Remix) Introduces a funky beat and bass-line, giving a subtle progression to the original track. The dynamics of the additional musical elements incorporated by Dario still convey an emotional journey; however, the emotions are channeled through your feet, definitely a game-changer remix. Did you like Haptic’s vocals on the Original mix? Well, brace yourself for a different kind of vibe crafted by Dario Dea.  

Deviations of Reality (Original Mix) down-tempo beat is combined with Fec’s signature organic deep soundscapes, subtle percussions, and unearthly rhythms. A dramatic synth pulls your senses into a deeper journey; indeed, honoring the track’s name: a deviation of reality.

Shifting Reality (Original Mix) Dark synths and dynamic percussion frame in the track’s musical canvas. The progression of the track evolves into a fresh bridge that submerses your senses into an arcadia world of heroic adventures. A third bridge simply blows your brains and invites you to conquer the dance floor.

Shifting Reality (Yoram Mix) Simply put it as a continuation of the arcadia adventures from the original mix. Yoram brings to life a fantastic version, a musical adventure continuation founded in a tasteful synth progression paced by a delightful beat, and eerie soundscapes complement the track.


1. Fec – Fantasy in Our Reality feat. Haptic (Original Mix)
2. Fec – Fantasy in Our Reality feat. Haptic (Dario Dea Remix)
3. Fec – Deviations of Reality (Original Mix)
4. Fec – Shifting Reality (Original Mix)
5. Fec – Shifting Reality (Yoram Remix)

Release Date: November 12th, 2021.
Label: Anathema Records.

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