Premiere: Arude – Anagogue [Radikon]

Premiere: Arude – Anagogue [Radikon]

Premiere: Arude – Anagogue [Radikon]

by November 9, 2020

For catalogue number 21, Radikon proudly welcomes back Ukraine native Arude. Bold and inventive, ‘Dreams About Dreams’ is an expertly crafted 3-tracker uncompromisingly geared toward the dancefloor.

The title track is a commanding groover. Bass-heavy and compellingly rhythmic, ‘Dreams About Dreams’ fires arpeggios and tribal drum hits that erupt in cascades of percussive energy. Moments of introspective silence, an airy pad and a ravey lead synth intertwine to create a monumental club killer.

‘Vers Libre’ is a daring firestorm of bass and synth hits, expertly woven together to create an explosion of pure dancefloor energy. Melodic risers and white noise stabs fuel the groove, accelerating the track to endless heights.

‘Anagogue’ doesn’t let up. Detuned stabs set to a frantic groove seethe below the surface, gradually building tension. The waves break in a huge energetic climax of detuned sweeps, before the brutally efficient groove returns full force.

‘Dreams About Dreams’ takes no prisoners and is a testament to the commitment and willpower of a supremely talented producer. And might we add, one of the most expertly mixed eps we have ever had the fortune of hearing.

Release Date: 13.11.2020
Label: Radikon

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