Premiere: Deckert – 1-1 (Parsifal Remix) [connected]

Premiere: Deckert – 1-1 (Parsifal Remix) [connected]

Premiere: Deckert – 1-1 (Parsifal Remix) [connected]

by July 29, 2020

After two standout releases on this label already with Aaaron, Deckert now gets around to his own solo release on the mighty connected.

This debut solo EP by Deckert is named after the iconic first stage of the first ever Super Mario Bros, which originally originated in the 80s, just like the producer himself. He is a German artist whose early tunes made a big mark and he is now part of the Berlin underground thanks to his unique take on contemporary house music.

The fantastic title track sets the pace with raw drum patterns and sawing bass hits, which are interrupted by two bold climatic twists. ‘Sakura Dust’ is another fresh offering that continues Deckert’s deep obsession with Japanese pop culture by relying heavily on the sample of a Koto, a traditional far eastern string instrument, which fulfils its harmonic arc over the whole length of this ambitious and emotional sonic tale.

First up to remix is Italian-Swiss composer Parsifal, a well-known face who runs his own Kinesen label. His interpretation of ‘1-1’ adds new layers of melody and breadth to the minimalist approach of the original track and tells a story of its own. Finally, Everything Counts aka Teodora “Toshka” from Bulgaria and Chris Leon take ‘Sakura Dust’ on a melancholic ride by intensifying the East Asian foundation to its core.

These are more cultural club tunes from the fantastic connected.

Release Date: 31.07.2020
Label: Connected

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