Premiere: Cronus – Running (Original Mix) [Métrica]

Premiere: Cronus – Running (Original Mix) [Métrica]

Premiere: Cronus – Running (Original Mix) [Métrica]

by May 10, 2022

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A very special release by the Mexican duo Cronus formed by Colossio and Gáme. Subtlety, psychedelia, elegance and originality are present in this avant-garde release.

“Running”, as it is called, is composed of two originals by Cronus and two different and personal remixes by the young Hungarian talent Lerm and the majestic Italian producer Tayga.

The first track that gives name to the release is formed by a set of vocal samples, a killer constant arpeggio, a simple and forceful drum beat and enlivened with psychedelic elements that work as different effects.

“Breathing” is an atmospheric trip where the classical piano takes center stage accompanied by a sensual male voice and that progressively evolves towards an unexpected forcefulness.

Lerm injects his most forceful and strident style to his remix of Running. His powerful leads and a modified arpeggio will surprise you and move you towards the most current sound of the scene.

The master Tayga bets for a more traditional sound in his remix to Breathing. A “Housey” version with classic elements that fills us with energy to enjoy on the dancefloor. Welcome to the world of Cronus, welcome to an eclectic release.


1. Cronus – Running
2. Cronus – Running (Lerm Remix)
3. Cronus – Breathing
4. Cronus – Breathing (Tayga Remix)

Release Date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Métrica

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