Premiere: Naeiiv – Trip to Morainia [Sol Eterno]

Premiere: Naeiiv – Trip to Morainia [Sol Eterno]

Premiere: Naeiiv – Trip to Morainia [Sol Eterno]

by April 22, 2019

There’s a particular euphoria within the sound of things gracefully falling into place – and
when nature, intuition and senses coalesce and translate into coincidental layers of organic
and synthetic musical structures – good songs are made. It may have taken Bavarian artist
Dan Grassler eight years of producing ethereal tracks with ambient disposition and jaunty
tendencies to divest and recloak as his Naeiiv moniker, but after retracing his musical drive
and reimagining his artistic vision over the past two years, Grassler unravels his narrative
this spring through a three-track EP on the up and coming, Berlin-based Sol Eterno. And
though the project came about just because it sounds and feels right, well, it sounds and
feels right. The young label led by Braunbeck and Hazel, has brought a handful of new
talented acts into the light (pardon the pun) and SOL007 keeps that momentum going.

In ‘A Trip to Morainia, He-man’s friend Teela points out that with an open mind, good ideas may come from unexpected places.

Naeiiv’s own journey to Morainia was an anxious but necessary risk. By letting himself be naive
again, and surrendering the upperhand of proficiency, the DJ/producer maps out his own
direction and cuts a unique signature sound along the way. Naeiiv crossed the bridge out of
Eternia by way of ‘A Trip to Morainia’ – a melodramatic tapestry of graceful sound structures
aroused by curiosity and tightened by inconsistencies and the acceptance and embrace of
the unknown. Elegant snare, astute fusion of organic and synth sounds pummel the
determined and inquisitive EP forward and increasingly relevant to human motion – likely on
the dancefloor!

Release Date: April 26, 2019.


Enjoy the exclusive premiere of ‘Trip to Morainia’.