Premiere: Bumppo & Phillip Auster – Monstera [Métrica]

Premiere: Bumppo & Phillip Auster – Monstera [Métrica]

Premiere: Bumppo & Phillip Auster – Monstera [Métrica]

by September 27, 2021

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Returning to Métrica, Bumppo & Phillip Auster collaborate again, and deliver the wonderful Monstera.

Successful as individual artists – and also as a production team together, their releases have caused a fuss on Frau Blau, Moblack and here on Métrica.

‘Monstera’ is a tasty and quirky melodious affair, with its melancholic chords and electronica vibe, yet still remaining very much a dance floor track, with its sophisticated vibes, and coolness flowing throughout.

‘Madly’ retains the melodic elements yet goes tougher and darker, and we venture in to a wobblier soundscape for some late night madness. And we like it!

Remix time and Novakk, gets to grips with Monstera, and takes things in a bouncy indie dance vibe, as we are treated to a fine reinterpretation that packs a punch, and rounds off the EP wonderfully.

Support from Carl Craig, Martin Herrs, Gai Barone, Aera, &lez, Animal Print, Los Cabra, Radeckt, Santiago Garcia, Hola Estrella, AFFKT, blaktone, Eric Rose, Kadosh


1. Bumppo & Phillip Auster – Monstera
2. Bumppo & Phillip Auster – Madly
3. Bumppo & Phillip Auster – Monstera (Novakk Remix)

Release Date: October 1st, 2021.
Label: Métrica.
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