Argia – Kameleon (Intervalo Remix) [Metrica]

Argia – Kameleon (Intervalo Remix) [Metrica]

Argia – Kameleon (Intervalo Remix) [Metrica]

by August 10, 2020

The eighth release of Metrica is called “301”. Argia has composed two different tracks but with the energy that is always present. Ruede Hagelstein and Intervalo have been in charge of the version with their particular vision. A new release with great pieces.

“301” is the first track and the name of the release. A recognizable track in the Indie-Dance genre without forgetting the melodies always present in our releases. Argia presents this track with a very energetic drumbeat, a bass that keeps the groove constant, arpeggio that keeps you in constant tension and sophisticated melodies.

Ruede Hagelstein’s version doesn’t forget the power of the original track, but it complements it with elements that lead you to have a constant expectation, an excellent remix that complements the original.

The second track called “Kameleon” is more oriented to a Techno-Melodic style. The progression of the track is marked by its melody that tells a story over a line of percussions. Its main elements will make you remember and identify this track.

Intervalo had the great idea to use the most remarkable elements of the track to take it to a more Indie-Dance terrain that complements perfectly with the rest of the release. Four tracks with differences between them, but very recognizable for their new release.

Release Date: August 21st, 2020
Label: Métrica

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