Premiere: Auggië feat. Enrico Sturm – Vrasnavar (Original Mix) [Sum Over Histories]

Premiere: Auggië feat. Enrico Sturm – Vrasnavar (Original Mix) [Sum Over Histories]

Premiere: Auggië feat. Enrico Sturm – Vrasnavar (Original Mix) [Sum Over Histories]

by January 15, 2021

Sum Over Histories, the label from duo Frankey & Sandrino, release Part 4 of their Path Integral IV compilation with tracks from Auggië and Sale Jankovic. The series aims to expand consciousness through music, with thoughtful and introspective productions that push the parameters of dance music. 

Milan-born DJ and producer Auggië teamed up with Enrico Sturm to produce Vrasnavar, a genre-bending, time-signature-defying analogue extravaganza. The track begins with a simple three chord guitar rhythm, but Auggië spurns all expectations with sudden, off-beat drums and clattering percussion, taking the listener on an erratic journey that’s both simplistic and complex at the same time. Eery violins and high-pitched synths pierce through the discord making the perfect soundtrack to a haunted house tour and a production that’ll make you feel lost, then found, then lost again. 

Auggië’s refusal to meet convention is nothing new. The artist is influenced by the serene and mountainous landscapes of Northern Italy as well as the dark underbelly of London’s smoky nightlife. The combination of these two identities makes Auggië’s output as unforgettable as it is unique – eclectic music that’s charged with emotion and uncompromisingly offbeat. 

Serbian house heavyweight Sale Jankovic presents Prism, a chugging indie-house production that expands our perception of dance music into a meditative and trance-inducing space. At first listen, Prism might seem simplistic, but the beauty is in the detail. Jankovic meticulously adds subtle triangles, eclectic drums and emotive strings with synths serving as shooting stars. He builds it up then strips it back to reveal a clean skeleton of a house classic. With this track, Jankovic transports the listener to a place where we can feel together, even when we’re apart. 

Frankey says: “Every release on our Path Integral IV series serves as a means of progressing house and techno into a thoughtful and more introspective space. These complex, multi-faceted tracks from two of electronic music’s most exciting artists achieve exactly that.” 

Sandrino says: “These tracks truly tell the story we hope to relate with our Path Integral IV series and Sum Over Histories label, showing that versatility, introspection and non-conformity is at the heart of our vision.”

Release Date: 22-1-21
Label: Sum Over Histories.

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