Premiere: Adrian Roman – Providence (Jepe Remix) [Métrica]

Premiere: Adrian Roman – Providence (Jepe Remix) [Métrica]

Premiere: Adrian Roman – Providence (Jepe Remix) [Métrica]

by January 20, 2022

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Adrian Roman debut EP on Metrica label presents us one of his darkest and most melancholical proposals so far. Called “Providence”, this release is composed by the Intro and Original Mix of “Providence” itself, another original song named “Young Hearts” and three remixes by the international artists Jepe (Portugal), Colossio (Mexican) and Locati (Spain).

Alongside this tunes, we can find “Providence” Short Film, a videoclip exclusively recorded for the Intro Mix, written and directed by Rubén Valero & Mihail Comanescu and starred by the spanish producer. All in all, the three original productions build up the perfect journey experienced by the spanish artist Adrian Roman, when struggling at the studio in order to open up his feelings through the music. Intro version gives birth this short album as the perfect prelude of what Adrian is trying to express. As the “Providence” Original Mix materialize these feelings into reality, Young Hearts’ take us to the dancefloor, giving us the chance to finally liberate ourselves from our thoughts, and start dancing in some kind of ecstasy.

Jepe’s version of “Providence” brings us the most powerfull and killer part of the original, keeping the style and elegance usual throughout the entire career of the portuguese producer.

The second remix of the title track is made by Colossio, full of extravagant rythms and analog sounds that will make you think you can touch the electricity of his music.

To complete the EP, the well known Metrica’s artist Locati produced a very energetic and forceful vision of “Young Hearts”, ready to be a dancefloor hit.

Support from Stereo MC’s, Sasha, Adriatique, Brina Knauss, Apnoea, &lez, Ran Salman, Alfa Romero, Frankey & Sandrino, Gai Barone, Radeckt, Animal Print, Auggie, Fideles, AFFKT, Santiago Garcia, Damon Jee…


1. Adrian Roman – Providence (Intro Mix)
2. Adrian Roman – Providence
3. Adrian Roman – Providence (Jepe Remix)
4. Adrian Roman – (Colossio Remix)
5. Adrian Roman – Young Heart
6. Adrian Roman – (Locati Remix)

Release Date: January 28th, 2022
Label: Métrica

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