Darlyn Vlys & HearThuG Feat. Forrest – Another Way EP [AUDIOMATIQUE]

Darlyn Vlys & HearThuG Feat. Forrest – Another Way EP [AUDIOMATIQUE]

Darlyn Vlys & HearThuG Feat. Forrest – Another Way EP [AUDIOMATIQUE]

by August 22, 2014

Making its debut for Audiomatique Recordings is a new pairing that is much more than the sum of its parts. The meeting of minds between France’s Darlyn Vlys and Tunisian talent HearThug has produced a haunting trio of tracks; more than deep, more than techno, more than house, and more than sound design, ‘Another Way EP’ is a thrilling ride through dancefloor mood manipulation.

Title track ‘Another Way’ introduces vocal guest Forrest, whose poignant lyrics lend an air of indie cool to the melancholic anthem. Blossoming from mournful wind instrument tones to warmer guitar licks and glinting, uplifting strings, its layered elements and subtle shifts apply the perfect amount of tension-and-release.

‘Alienated’ is restrained in tempo, but packed with emotional content. Its stark, steady metallic drums provide a grounding for its unpredictable melody, as bass tones and higher notes shift from unified to harmonised and back again, for a free-wheeling trip through the highs and lows of melodic progression.

The downright spooky ‘Yellow King’ takes inspiration from mystical fiction and the supernatural for a distinct sense of noirish beauty. Unusual melodic tangents enhance the sound artistry, for a track as remarkable for its intricacy as for its ability to leave your hair standing on end.

Released September 1st, 2014.