Larry Cadge – Serendipity [Smiley Fingers]

Larry Cadge – Serendipity  [Smiley Fingers]

Larry Cadge – Serendipity [Smiley Fingers]

by April 12, 2015

After dropping recent releases on the Kling Klong and Great Stuff stables, here Larry Cadge returns home to the Smiley Fingers label, with a 3-track release that ably demonstrates the label’s knack for perfect balancing upbeat energy with functional tech house grooves.

Cadge’s lead ‘dope’ mix of Serendipity offers an mix of classic house grooves and slick tech house production, with the quirky percussive elements placed right in the spotlight, and its driving bassline keeping things rolling along nicely. In classic Smiley Fingers fashion, there’s a light sprinkle of melodic elements, though without overpowering the groove.
Berlin veteran Gunnar Stiller takes the energy up a few notches with his remix, with a house cut that packs the requisite punch DJ tool that’s locked and loaded for the dancefloor.

Meanwhile, Cadge’s own ‘cool’ mix of Serendipity shifts the percussive elements back a little in the mix for a rerub that brings a heavier, punchier sound to the clubs.
‘Serendipity’ delivers on the Smiley Fingers mission statement of balancing heads-down grooves with sunny vibes, and represents yet another fine effort from Larry Cadge.


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4 out of 5