KIani & His Legion – The Paper Unicorn EP

KIani & His Legion – The Paper Unicorn EP

KIani & His Legion – The Paper Unicorn EP

by May 14, 2016

After establishing his unique voice on our SOMEWHERE01 compilation, Kiani & His legion is back on Something Happening Somewhere to expand his vision. He has gathered his own sonic palette to transform the underlying consciousness. Being alone with the self, it may seem one’s own mind is the only one certain to exist. Not sure if you’re the one who’s watching from the ground or hanging upside down, the peaks secretly form a unity beyond their separateness.

Air Chrysalis is based around a stomping 808 beat, forming the basis of the vehicle trough which we begin our experience. The metamorphosis slowly commences when dystopian chords and pads uncover monolithic structures floating in mid air. Introducing further elements and a hypnotic skippy bass pattern along the way, it’s certain there’s no way back now. Giving an energetic punch to the ears, you slowly get sucked into the future sci-fi world Kiani & Hes legion has created for us.

Voigt Kampff takes us further into the cocoon. An epic eight minute anthem that celebrates the transformation, uncovering the veil of what’s beneath. The melody slowly grows, rattles and opens up into an ear blistering eruption that will surely devastate some dance floors. It sounds both effortless and musical, an outspoken and intricately woven pattern of vibrations.

Electric takes a dirty and stretchy jungle break and combines it with some of the characteristic elements he introduced before while adding organic layers of marimba and a heartwarming voice to preserve that human touch.

On the B side we also find the majestic Fatima Yamaha remixing Electric, in which he twists the original into a ten minute long hymn that seems to keep building on forever. Starting out with a bad ass synth line, and adding a beautiful haunting and melancholic melody occasionally interrupted by a huge verberated kick. Another victory for the heart and mind.

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Release Date // May 13, 2016
12” vinyl (limited to 300 copies)…orn-ep/609434-01/…_unicorn_ep/c74-it


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