Paskal & Urban Absolutes – LUX Remixes 2 [Sonar Kollektiv]

Paskal & Urban Absolutes – LUX Remixes 2 [Sonar Kollektiv]

Paskal & Urban Absolutes – LUX Remixes 2 [Sonar Kollektiv]

by June 16, 2014

Already with the first LUX remix package (SK272, released Feb, 5th) Paskal & Urban Absolutes together with Sonar Kollektiv assembled the cutting edge of the current German club culture:

From Manuel Tur, Trickski over Sevensoul & Bender and Henry L & Ingo Sänger to Sello and Oliver Marquardt some of the hottest players in the game between Munich and Berlin handed in works which are by now default luggage of any upright DJ.

But also the second LUX remix suitcase packs a punch and is – be assured – jam-packed with potential club monsters of all the nights to come. Starting off things is this time not a German but the English man Jimpster. Having founded the deephouse empire Freerange Records this DJ and producer of outstanding merit knows exactly how to trim club music in order to cause frenzy on almost every dancefloor on this planet. His remix of “Bits Of Me” is taking the route towards Berlin School techno sure enough and gains pace, especially on the dub version.

The second track, “Hold Your Head Up”, remixed no more than four times (on the digital release), features the soul-soothing voice of Sonar Kollektiv act Arnold Kasar, who is working on his new solo album(!). Taking these vocal parts to account in particular, the remix by Dortmund based Larse embeds them into a sophisticated arrangement. Which could be shelved somewhere between smooth deep house and the contemporary interpretation of Boogie, which Larse is firmly campaigning for for a while now.
Berlin based Max Heese aka Langeberg (Drumpoet Community, Dessous Recordings etc.) attends to the matter in a total different way by pumping up the song with adrenaline and a hearty dash of testosterone. In over eight minutes you can witness the genesis of a danceable power bar. The 23-years old Kai von Glasow from Berlin is responsible for the probably most neoteristic remix in this series. His interpretation sees the encounter of hypermodern dub aesthetics and bass music how it should sound in 2014.

Last but not least and – as well as the remix by Kai von Glasow – only available on the digital release you get the version by Nils Penner. Having released already on Freerange Records and Wazi Wazi Music, the DJ and producer living in Munich impresses with a ludicrous drum and percussion programming while getting almost cosmic with the interweaving synth pads.

Five, or six remixes (if you count the dub version by Jimpster), which show again strikingly what is and will be the score in the best clubs worldwide in the next few months.

Format: 12inch | Releasedate: 20.06.2014


A1 – Bits Of Me feat. Pete Josef (Jimpster Remix)
A2 – Bits Of Me feat. Pete Josef (Jimpster Dub)
B1 – Hold Your Head Up feat. Kasar (Larse Remix)
B2 – Hold Your Head Up feat. Kasar (Langenberg Remix)

Digital Bonus:

Hold Your Head Up feat. Kasar (Kai von Glasow Remix)
Hold Your Head Up feat. Kasar (Nils Penner Remix)