Ikaro Grati – Afghani (Radeckt Remix) [PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH]

Ikaro Grati – Afghani (Radeckt Remix) [PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH]

Ikaro Grati – Afghani (Radeckt Remix) [PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH]

by May 3, 2021

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The second EP on PUNKT PUNKT KOMMA STRICH is called “Forrest Rain Dance” and has been created by Ikaro Grati, a talented producer from Belgium, who has recently been making a name for himself releasing his unique sound on labels such as Borders of Light or Isolate. Ikaro Grati is joined by well-known Copenhangen based producer Radeckt who steps up for remix duties.

Ikaro Grati starts the journey by delivering the first track called Blue Eyed Dragons. A straight groove drives the track while Ikaro adds numerous layers to create a mysterious yet engaging atmosphere. After the first breakdown, the energy levels rise up and resolve into a powerful drop while still keeping the mysterious atmosphere.

The second part of the journey is marked by the emotional title track Forrest Rain Dance, an opportunity for the listener to slow down and reset. The track is characterised by a beautiful melody combined with motive pads and crisp beats interacting playfully, as the main thrust of the track pushes things forward.

Ikaro Grati continues the journey with the third track Afghani. He incorporates a spinetingling lead melody which dances around the top end, increasing the drama. A short breakdown creates tension combining the lead melody with offkey synth lines encouraging the listener to move.

To conclude the journey, Radeckt steps up for a rework of ‘Afghani’. Radeckt, well known for his melancholic synth leads and vibrant percussion-based drums, brings a little bounce to the release combing the lead melo with trundling percussions moving through several degrees of change.


1. Ikaro Grati – Blue Eyed Dragons (Original Mix)
2. Ikaro Grati – Forrest Rain Dance (Original Mix)
3. Ikaro Grati – Afghani (Original Mix)
4. Ikaro Grati – Afghani (Radeckt Remix)

Release Date: May 7th, 2021.
Pre-Order: https://www.beatport.com/release/forrest-rain-dance/3360226

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