Armonica FEAT. Mabiisi – Ayo (David Mayer Remix) [DEPTH]

Armonica FEAT. Mabiisi – Ayo  (David Mayer Remix) [DEPTH]

Armonica FEAT. Mabiisi – Ayo (David Mayer Remix) [DEPTH]

by September 5, 2018

Deep, deeper and deeper into the organic and timeless soulful meanders of house music. With this release, Depth hosts the talented, waves-making and charismatic Italian duo Armonica accustomed to supports by the likes of Dixon, Ame, Solomun, Black Coffee and Andhim.

The title track « Ayo », enhanced by the powerful roots-spirited vocals of Mabiisi, be it declined as original, club or instrumental versions, demonstrates the capacity of the infamous Cocorico’s residents to deliver groovy yet equally emotive offerings. The EP « also » includes two top notch remixes or rather properly named « reworks » or « reconstructions » by David Mayer and Fred und Luna and UFO Hawaii.

Mayer’s take on « Ayo » emphasizes the genuine afro-spirited moods of the original by boosting it with an awesome sharp and percussive beat proper to ignite the jungle floor and make its crowd shaky and crazy.

Another type of absolute wizardry with Karlsruhe based musician Fred und Luna and fellow UFO Hawaii’s outstanding interpretation, leading us to elektrokrauty and nadaphysical dimensions without losing the substance of Armonica’s original statement.

Two radically different personal insights ans two encounters under the sign of perfect alchemy.

Release Date: 07.09.18

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