Denis Horvat – My Body EP [AEON]

Denis Horvat – My Body EP [AEON]

Denis Horvat – My Body EP [AEON]

by June 17, 2014

In AEON007D, Denis Horvat steps up to proudly carry the AEON torch with his EP ‘My Body’.

They say good things come in threes, and this is certainly no exception. Having previously released on Noir Music, Upon You, Get Physical and Souvenir, the Danish producer has already been recognised for his talents, and this three-tracker continues to exhibit them at their best.

With ‘Prompt’ a steady beat is interrupted by dark pads commanding the track and heaving you into its deliciously sinister core. As the track’s roots grow darker and deeper, don’t be surprised to find yourself putting the track on loop and replaying the story.

‘Phrased’ takes a more minimal approach yet by no means a less effective one – a percussive progression builds before being joined by effortlessly strident staccato, this track simply gets better the more time you give it – and as a true grower not a shower, you can expect it to stick with you long after the last heady shakes of the maracas.

The aptly-named title track ‘My Body’ is certainly sure to fill a dance floor. An enticing taste of what’s to come. Atmospheric synths ebb in and out of a rolling bassline, accompanied by a low gravelly vocal.

Through this EP, it’s evident that Horvat is giving a nostalgic nod to the various genres of music that lured him into production in the first place – fitting really, for a label with the same intention in mind – this EP is a true tribute to quality music, with percussion and slick percussion instead of pretention.

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