Brian Cid – Errors [Lost & Found]

Brian Cid – Errors  [Lost & Found]

Brian Cid – Errors [Lost & Found]

by December 15, 2015

US DJ/Producer Brian Cid’s latest mini album isn’t the first to go on Guy J’s prolific label Lost & Found, in fact from the time of “Redwood/Myst” things already looked promising as the label’s aesthetics and Cid’s musicality have since then showed many signs of ‘fits hand in glove’ syndrome.

No surprises in the five tracker offering released this month, the up sides being pick and choose as you wish. Starting with “Errors” a moody groovy opener that sticks about in all its Techy glory, subtle clatter and sheets of metallic percussive that is sheer silk for the ears, even so collaborating nicely alongside a tight rope bass line all through its 8 minute soundscape.

Next up – “Habitat” has hypnotic interiors and compelling beats that encase itself around the atmospheric bass, wiry rhythms catch a minimalist robotic chord that stretch out to nowhere and back, beauteously so. Aligning your brains slowly to a swooning eclipse of melodic play that joins in sinuously and that which takes this one to a classic tune.

“In The Vortex” is the prankster of the pack, with its unique delivery of resonant bass, off kilter just so and enough to be memorable and endearing. The warm bumpy bounce and spirited atmospherics is straight forward, and should go down well with DJs who will surely use this one to throttle the floor to submission.

Rolling deeper in – “Oasis” changes the entire course of the proceedings as the gentle yet monstrous melodic Techno giant; we can all fall in love with in an instant. With distant vocalism flirting around a nice repetitive bass thump and dark vacuum, its incessantly moody and best played at the loudest volume to make the most of this special piece of work.

“Aurora” the finisher is not too far away from the previous, yet has thicker bass and heavily stylized sound design, all of it which rolls over and over in repetition, with echoing percussions that slice through the belly of the track, sloshing about with peek-a-boo vocals. All in all Brian Cid’s refusal to adhere to stream lined structures shows up in spades and all that remains to do is pick this whole release for repeated plays!!