Between Ourselves “Nostalgia EP” (RePublik Music Recordings 03)

Between Ourselves “Nostalgia EP” (RePublik Music Recordings 03)

Between Ourselves “Nostalgia EP” (RePublik Music Recordings 03)

by December 18, 2016

As promised, RePublik Music is here to stay and there is no turning back!

Between Ourselves were created and based in the tiny city of Waterford which RePublik Music label also calls home.

The title track “Nostalgia” kicks off proceedings in blissful and breath-taking form. As the name suggest this track is absolutely rammed with an assortment of lush pads, sublime bass synths and a melancholic melody line that ends in an epic climax. This is a track tried and tested on dancefloors and we can attest that when the break comes to its crescendo you are guaranteed hug and embrace everyone within a 5 foot radius.

Content Aware Scale is a much more timid affair than its emotional big brother. It’s much more primal and not quite as harmonically rich but it has a certain transcendent and timeless quality about it. It’s a refined cut that for the most part is made up of an absolutely huge synth line that’s moody and enveloping like a warm analog blanket. At just the right moments, these masterful young men introduce an ever so satisfying piano rolls that ties this track into a neat little bow.

The final piece of this 3 track puzzle comes courtesy of a man that has been making waves across dancefloors all over the world. He’s released music on some of the nest labels in the world namely Innervisions and Maeve. We’ve never received such an out pouring of requests and comments about any track before so we suggest you take a listen to Aera’s remix of Content Aware Scale.

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