Alex Niggemann – Divergent / Convection Remixes EP

Alex Niggemann – Divergent / Convection Remixes EP

Alex Niggemann – Divergent / Convection Remixes EP

by September 14, 2017

For those people with open minds and open ears, electronic music doesn’t really have borders – blurring the boundaries between house and techno is a given -creativity and experimentation without restrictions and expectations is what allows artists to make exceptional music that becomes timeless and treasured. Alex Niggemann AEON label is focused on conjuring up the spirit of classic and timeless music, updating it over time and creating new boundless possibilities for the future. For the label’s next dynamic release, Alex has selected 3 of his own favourite productions (that have never been remixed before) and selected 3 masterful artists to breathe a new life into them.

‘Divergent’ (AEON018) remains one of AEON’s biggest hits so far. Released in November 2015, Alex’s original version was a landmark voyage into the realms of melodic, deep techno, and there is no finer candidate to remix this classic track for the first time than Lucy. Italian-born and Berlin-based Luca Mortellaro (aka Lucy) is one of the Techno genre’s most exciting DJ/producers, and also founder of Stroboscopic Artefacts, one of modern Techno’s finest labels. Lucy and Alex’s friendship goes back almost a decade, when they collaborated on a series of releases together (a fact that is largely unknown), and whilst his interpretation of ‘Divergent’ is full of his trademark uniquely deep yet dancefloor-driven attitude, Lucy also has an inimitable ability to take a track deeper and into more abstract dimensions than his peers, creating an exceptional outcome – a bewitching, cathedral-esque hybrid of analogue and digital heaven.

Another exceptional Berlin-based talent is Ray Kajioka, whose releases on Kanzleramt (among many other respected labels) are the stuff of legend, for those in the know. With his heart firmly planted in the roots of the classic Detroit Techno vibe, his remix interpretation of ‘Convection’ (the original of which appeared on Alex’s ‘Angular EP’ AEON021) is a balletic, modern, melodic masterpiece. Warm waterfalls of layered keys flow beautifully throughout, as Ray takes the track on an unforgettable, delicate, emotional journey.

In distinct contrast, for the EP’s finale, ‘Luminance’ (the B-side of Alex’s original ‘Divergent’ AEON018 release) fires a furnace of thumping, percussive energy, laced with melancholic synth motifs, courtesy of Daniel Bortz. The widely respected, yet seldom acknowledged, Bavarian DJ/Producer is a distinctly enigmatic character, whose releases for the likes of Innervisions, Permanent Vacation and Exit Strategy, mark him out as being an exceptional artist, and the perfect choice to add his interpretative skills to this remix project.

AEON’s releases always reference back to Alex Niggemann’s roots, a platform to showcase music that stands for pure quality and originality, and this ‘Remixes EP’ continues this ethos perfectly. AEON has always been a home to cutting-edge artists, and Lucy, Ray Kajioka and Daniel Bortz continue this tradition – all breathe life into their productions with true emotion, and boldly walk their own path towards a very bright and highly creative musical future.

Early support by:
Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Ame, Solomun, Francois X, Pan-Pot, Adriatique, Sasha, Truncate, Rebekah, Nuno dos Santos, Monoloc, Yotam Avni a.m.m.

1. Divergent (Lucy Remix)
2. Convection (Ray Kajioka Remix)
3. Luminance (Daniel Bortz Remix)

Release Date: Sep 15′


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