Villanova – Seahorses [Loveyeah]

Villanova  – Seahorses [Loveyeah]

Villanova – Seahorses [Loveyeah]

by February 26, 2015

Rework’s Loveyeah label is proud to present their fourth release, this time from French pair Adrien and Marco aka Villanova.

Masterful synth craftsmen who have released well received tracks and remixes on My Favorite Robot Records, No19 Music, Meant and Loveyeah, this talented pair serve up three more magical cuts that were written in their native Paris over the last year.

“¬We have always been fascinated by seahorses” say the pair of the first track, which was written with a Minimoog and Prophet V. It’s a unique sounding track with gurgling machines, slinky synth lines and groaning voices all buried in a ghoulish groove. Spooky and eerie, it’s an twisted affair that will make for some perfectly weird moments on the dance floor.

Next comes ‘Abdullah’. “¬Adrien had a spoon in his mouth when he recorded the vocal, you can hear the clicking of the metal” says Marco of this one. It’s built around a more seductive, minimal groove, with clicking percussion, rubbery drums and paranoid, intergalactic synth sounds that really keep you on edge throughout.

Lastly, ‘Fist of Farache’ is a taught, pinging tech cut with whirring machines, reverberating chord stabs and more mysterious, indecipherable female vocals that keeps you locked into the groove and never lets up.

Villanova combine elements of urbanism, tech, electro and synth craftsmanship to great effect here, delivering the latest release for the highly promising Loveyeah label.

Release date: 09-04-2015