UTA Premiere: Nandu – Banned From The Real World [Calypso Chili 001]

UTA Premiere: Nandu – Banned From The Real World [Calypso Chili 001]

UTA Premiere: Nandu – Banned From The Real World [Calypso Chili 001]

by December 4, 2017

“After choosing a path in one of life’s many crossroads, you often end up doubting if your
choice was the right one. Tales From My Living Room is a result of such doubt. Created in the
biggest transition of my life in an attempt to somehow deal with some of my biggest fears and
most overwhelming challenges, and to help me accept some of the issues that I have had a
hard time accepting. The result is a complete work consisting of 9 tracks, all very dependent on
each other in order to make sense as a whole.

The process of creating this album also helped me realise that sometimes life is as simple as
you make it. That’s why I decided to launch my new imprint Calypso Chili. This will be a
platform from which I can share the music that really matters to me, but maybe doesn’t fit well
into other labels visions or taste. Primarily focusing on Soundcloud and Bandcamp it will be a
place where I’m in charge, and no distributors or other partners are slowing the process”.


Tales From My Living Room
Label: Calypso Chili 001
Release Date: 4th of December 2017

01. Lie To Me
02. When The Tides Shift
03. Something Simple
04. Will The Shadows Hunt Me
05. Sudden Insanity
06. Only Human Casualties
07. Early Morning Rain
08. Banned From The Real World
09. Gloom

Buy link: https://calypsochili.bandcamp.com
Calypso Chili on Facebook: https://facebook.com/CalypsoChili
Calypso Chili on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/calypso-chili
Nandu on Facebook: https://facebook.com/nanduofficial
Nandu on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nanduofficial