UTA Premiere: Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam – Belma Belma (Vanco Remix)

UTA Premiere: Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam – Belma Belma (Vanco Remix)

UTA Premiere: Boddhi Satva & Maalem Hammam – Belma Belma (Vanco Remix)

by June 21, 2017

Created in 2007 by Boddhi Satva, Offering Recording’s mission is to provide a platform for future soul music. We dedicate ourselves to quality and refined artistic expression, while providing a foundation that conveys unity through music. With every release we hope to come closer to bridging the gap between entertainment and positivity.

On April 14th, 2015 Boddhi Satva went to Casablanca (Morocco) to work on a very particular and uniq project called Boddhi Satva meets Gnawa.

This EP consists of four live recordings composed and recorded in Casablanca on April 21st, 2015. Each song represents a colour/spirit that will heal and elevate the souls through sounds and rhythms. The order of the song is highly meaningful and one couldn’t come before the other as they have colours and spirits that are to come upon the listener and bring blessing in a very specific order.

The main spirit/colour of Bania, Hamouda, Sandia & Zid Lmel is RED. Belma Belma is the combination of all the colours known and used for healing rituals. In Moroccan popular culture, Gnawas, are considered to be experts in the magical treatment of scorpion stings and psychic disorders through ceremonies. They heal diseases by the use of colours. They are originated in West Africa, more particularly, The Ancient Ghana Empire.

Boddhi Satva feat. Males Hammam – Healing Rituals out on Offering Recordings on June 30th 2017
1. Hamouda
2. Sandia
3. Zid Lmel
4. Belma Belma
5. Belma Belma (Cueber & Vanco Remix)
6. Did Lmel (FNX Remix)
7. Belma Belma (Vanco Remix)