UTA PODCAST 075 – Paul Schmidpeter [Metrica/Artminding]

UTA PODCAST 075 – Paul Schmidpeter [Metrica/Artminding]

UTA PODCAST 075 – Paul Schmidpeter [Metrica/Artminding]

by November 7, 2022

Winter is coming and we couldn’t asked for a better 60 min mesmerizing mix to keep us warm…
We are more than happy to have our friend Paul Schmidpeter on board!

Paul is a southern German DJ and producer who was born and raised in Nuremberg. His passion for music started quite early on, as he spent his younger years taking guitar lessons in classical music. Soon he realized that there is more to explore in music. Around this time, he was mostly characterized by indie and rock and so his interest in different genres began to grow. At the age of 14, he bought his first house records and immediately fell in love with the grooves and melodies of these sounds. Some years later he began to practice djing on his own. After Paul’s first house parties in his hometown, he started to make contact with people from the electronic music scene. As he turned 18, his first club gigs followed. His openness to a wide range of sounds and impulsive drums in his sets strengthened his position in the scene. Getting a residency at the well- known German club „Die Rakete“ in Nuremberg was the next step for him. Besides playing gigs in Berlin, Munich, and other cities in Germany he decided to learn producing himself. Paul quickly noticed his passion for synthesizers and drum machines, especially for vintage gear from the 80’s. His gear, studio and skills were growing and so he became a studio addict. As a member of the music collective “Hertz&Seele” he organizes club nights and festivals to raise music diversity in his hometown. Expressing his feelings and taste in his productions is the thing he loves most. Several labels noticed this dedication and so he was able to release his first tracks. By now he has released on labels such as „Métrica“, „Artminding”, „Empore”, „Living Like Birds” and many more. At the moment, Paul is working on new upcoming music.

Follow Paul Schmidpeter: https://soundcloud.com/paul-schmidpeter
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Follow Paul Schmidpeter On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paul_schmidpeter/


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