UTA PodCast 028: Palliate [Exotic Refreshment]

UTA PodCast 028: Palliate [Exotic Refreshment]

UTA PodCast 028: Palliate [Exotic Refreshment]

by April 12, 2017

This month we are delighted to host Palliate for an exclusive mix, Palliate are a very talented duo from Jerusalem.

Yariv Sternberg and Dan Tal, two of the most dynamic and rising individuals in Israelís music scene, developed a partnership with one ultimate goal; to electrify the industry and renew the passion for the Deep House, House & Techno genres.

From the moment they met at the BPM Advanced Music Production College in Tel Aviv, the chemistry and passion was undeniable, while their fusion was overwhelming. They
immediately agreed to join forces and do something special together. This is where Palliate was born.

Yariv brings with him eight years of producing music, including a vast background in musical theory and the ability to play both the guitar and
piano quite proficiently. Separately, Dan brings with him over five years of live drum playing, and percussion expertise.

More importantly, what they developed was a partnership, one that is filled with passion, creativity and innovation, but most importantly, the ability to captivate an audience. Their
vast experience and talents create a fusion of both elevated, and unparalleled emotional production.

PALLIATE -: to make the effects of (something, such as an illness) less painful, harmful, or harsh.

To bring their vision to life, their journey begins impacting the nightlife scene in the heart of Israel’s music scene, Tel Aviv.

Furthermore, they took Jerusalem by storm, effectively impacting the relevance of Deep House, House & Techno music in the lacking Jerusalem nightlife, hoping to elevate and peak the interest of music lovers in every corner of the country.

Their ultimate goal? To generate a renewed love for these genres globally, and ignite the passion and narcotic effect that music releases, and, which drives every DJ’s heart and soul.


Palliate – ID
Myny – Define (Dub Mix)
Palliate – ID
Pablo Fierro – LaPalma (Original Mix)
Natale Quale – Between Oceans (Original Mix)
Rapha (italy) – Napa (Fhaken Remix)
Smalltown Collective – Day for Night (Original Mix)
Palliate – ID
Pastaboyz Feat Osunlade – Deep Musique (Rampa Remix)
Jos & Eli – Initiation (Original Mix)
Adam Port – Ganesha Song (Original Mix)