UTA Podcast 016: Cosmic Cowboys [Compost]

UTA Podcast 016: Cosmic Cowboys [Compost]

UTA Podcast 016: Cosmic Cowboys [Compost]

by September 1, 2015

Here we go with a brand new exclusive podcast and interview for our dear followers.

We had the pleasure to host Cosmic Cowboys [Compost / Bedrock Records] this month.

Checkout the interview and podcast !

Q. Hi guys hope you’re both well, We are pleased to welcome you here, we waited that long. Tell us what’s going on with you these days, how was at off sonar festival?

A.  Hello guys! The pleasure is ours so thanks for the invitation! The off week was a blast as usual and Barcelona is even more amazing during those days and people from all over the world are there to enjoy music but however it took us some days in bed to recover from all that crazyness! Anyway now we’re fit and ready for the next shows and for some studio action to work on our upcoming releases.

Q. With your impressive self-determination “We’re the romantic side of techno!” Tell us how do you manage to combine the romance in all of your production?

A. Music has always been our way to express ourselves and explain our feelings to the listeners and that’s why each of our track represent something maybe just a moment to remember or an emotion that we want to live again through the music. Probably this is the main reason behind all this romance but as well part of it is due to the city where where we live, Venice, that everyday is a source of inspiration and makes it easy to bring the romance into our music.

Q. Working together in the studio, who brings more romance and who’s Techno? how it all comes together and sounds so great?

A. There’s not really a different role when we’re producing cause each one of us has different stories to write about and we both help each other to bring this stories to life with our music. When we dj is exactly the same thing as we always play b2b to build up something that bring both our visions of the music but with a unique direction to follow which is the result of all this different moods. We are friends since 20 years and we know each other very well so somehow we know what’s the right way to follow when making or playing music.

Q. Recently you won great honor when John digweed picked “Tell Me How” and “Capricorn” to be release on his ‘Live in South Beach’ project. Is your affair with John and Bedrock is expected to continue, perhaps with solo Ep on Bedrock?

A. To receive so much support from a legend as John Digweed was surely a great honor especially because he’s one of our idols since we discovered electronic musc. More of our projects are going to be released soon on Bedrock starting from our new track “Quarzo” that will be released on the upcoming “Underground Sound Of Ibiza 2” and a remix we did for John’s upcoming single. We couldn’t be happier about this collaboration!

Q. You’ve released on Endless, Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Rotary Cocktail, Save Us Records and many more… Are you guys thinking of running your own label?

A. We love to work for different labels with different styles to be able to showcase always something different so it very cool to exercise ourselves to be versatile with the music and never focus to much on a style but rather on keeping our very unique sound signature whatever the style of the track might be so for now it’s more fun to challenge ourselves working for people like Luca Bacchetti, Kollektiv Turmstrasse or youANDme but for sure we’ll build up our own label in the future when the right moment comes. No pressure for now.

Q. You live in Italy, In recent years the Italians artists are moving forward leading the electronic scene and win the love of the audience. What do you think you’re doing right?

A. We’re so happy about what’s happening in the Italian scene at the moment but it’s difficult to say if there’s something we are doing right cause there is amazing music coming from all over the world so I wouldn’t consider Italy more special than other countries but for sure is one of the leading country for electronic music at the moment. During the last years we’ve seen so many incredible artists rising to the top of this game bringing on their very  own highly recognizable style. Tale Of Us, Tennis or Mind Against, Hunter/Game, Somne, Joseph Capriati, Sam Paganini, Francesco Del Garda, Re-UP, Alex Picone, Crocodile Soul, Verrina & Ventura, Luca Bacchetti, Davide Squillace, Italoboyz, Nice7, Flashmob, Luca Ballerini, Margot, Supernova, Nicholas, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Fabio Monesi and StumpValley, Tiger&Woods, Lehar, Musumeci and Olderic, Cesare vs Disorder and Silvie Loto are just a few among the names that our country has to offer at the moment and we’re happy to be part of this bunch of incredible artists.

Q. As the founders of the ‘Origami Event’, Tell our readers about it, what to expect in the coming events and where will be the next party?

A. Origami is a party we create six years ago together with some of our best friends here in Venice. When we started there we had not so many opportunities to play so we decide to create our own event to play and propose the music we like in very special off locations just as old villas, castles, pools and rooftops, boats and more crazy locations. The project kept on growing till now and we were able to bring here in Venice artists as Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Jimpster, Gorge, Tom Demac, Alex Niggemann, Ripperton, Matthias Meyer, Patlac, El_Txef_A, Tigerskin, youANDme, Luca Bacchetti, Echonomist, Till Von Sein, John Dimas, Molly, P.Toile, David Durango, Jona, Chymera and many other acts we love and still many more are lined-up for the next months. In September we’ll open our own club here in our city and we’re so excited about this project but unfortunately we can’t reveal too many details yet. You’ll soon discover all by yourself.

Q. for us at Underground tel aviv blog it’s hard to pick one favorite, Tell us which of your releases has given you the most satisfaction and why?

A. Always hard to say which release gave us the most satisfaction or success but if we should pick one then it would definitely be our first album “Zero Gravity Love” release in 2013 on Musik Gewinnt Freunde. It took us almost one and a half year to produce it, mix it and master it but when we saw the feedback and the support we got for this project we understood that it worth each and every day spent working on it.

Q. What are your plans for this summer, Upcoming releases & gigs?

A. Holidays are definitely something we need at the moment to recharge the batteries before the begin of the new season. We had 3 EPs in the last month and we just released a new Ep called “Perseus” on the excellent french imprint Time Has Changed so this will definitely be our last full release till October but as mentioned before we have a track and a remix coming soon on Bedrock and at the end of august it will be released a remix we did for our friend Patlac on Akbal Music. On the gig side we have quite a few gigs scheduled for the next weeks in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Russia, Poland and Italy of course and soon we’ll have our first south american tour and we’re totally excited to bring our music in so many places around the world.

Q. What did you guys made for us in this podcast?

A. When decided to record a podcast that brings together different styles, brand new tracks and some classics. We always loved to feel free to play whatever we like and not just focus on a single flow and that’s why you can find such different artists featured in this mix. But yeah, better not to say too much and let you discover it yourself.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!