SOMEWHERE III Vinyl Sampler (SoHaSo 013B)

SOMEWHERE III Vinyl Sampler (SoHaSo 013B)

SOMEWHERE III Vinyl Sampler (SoHaSo 013B)

by June 26, 2017

Two years after the milestone SOMEWHERE compilations, Something Happening Somewhere is commemorating the times that have passed, returning with a new chapter in the series. Selecting unique pieces of artists known and less known, the SOMEWHERE series continue their sound based confessional. Telling unheard stories, exposing unseen surfaces and unheard sounds.

SOMEWHERE III is set to be released as two vinyl samplers, with a selection of the tracks featured in the full digital compilations, which will feature four extra digital only tracks. A host of familiar SoHaSo figures make an appearance, but there is also room for new faces like Aril Brikha, KAAP, Ripperton in his stunning collab with Love over Entropy, Equus, Tracey and Mulder. Every artist on this SOMEWHERE III compilation is expressing their unique experience through sound waves, telling stories and uncovering a piece of themselves. There are things radiating in the violet fog, waiting to be discovered. Journeys that are worth making, but will not necessarily provide any more answers. Something is happening somewhere, once again.

Love over Entropy teaming up with Ripperton, could we wish for more? It felt like a dream team combo before we even heard the resulting beauty of Saints de Glace. Inspired by those last nightly frosts of spring days in May, it sounds exactly like those contrasting temperatures and feelings. Down tempo organic grooves and a drifting melody that ebbs in and out of consciousness provide disparity with the glimmering pads that lure in the night air waiting to catch you off guard.

Equus’ Ash picks up the pace with a track that was first released on Soma back in 1996, which we felt the need to give new live. Providing a Detroit like chord sequence and a simple but effective groove to accompany, it has a sense of urgency and shares the allure of classy dance floor material. Arik Brikha’s disco fueled Eat The Heart feels like driving furiously along an electronic highway, the vibe and thrust imparting perfect sunbathed festival material. Filtered samples, driving arpeggios and house chord stabs, all the necessary ingredients are there to propel you towards a dimension far away from here.

A rolling bassline motif creates the fierce backbone for Tracey’s Phase 1, as echo feedback waves in and out with phasing noise providing the necessary movement. The repetition and capitol Funk combined with subdued Juno pads and a hypnotizing melody turn the closing of the second SOMEWHERE IIII sampler into an effective dance floor weapon.

A1 Love Over Entropy feat Ripperton – Saints de Glace
A2 Equus – Ash
B1 Aril Brikha – Eat The Heart
B2 Tracey – Phase 1

Released by:
Something Happening Somewhere
Release date:
30 June 2017

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