SIS – Lucid Hangover EP [Lucid Dreaming Records]

SIS – Lucid Hangover EP [Lucid Dreaming Records]

SIS – Lucid Hangover EP [Lucid Dreaming Records]

by May 29, 2014

Lucid Dreaming is a self-confessed boutique label with an A&R policy that selects only the finest cuts of House. Based in Western Australia, the label recently celebrated its second birthday and with its fine selection of melody-rich releases, it’s already a firm favourite with DJ’s all over the globe.

To mark its second year of business, Lucid Dreaming is proud to present none other than Burak Sar, an artist perhaps more commonly known as SIS. German-based SIS should need no introduction and with releases on Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical and Nick Curly’s Cecille Records, it’s clear to see why he is one of
the most respected names in house music.

From its stunning Salvador Dali-style cover art to the music itself, this release is a finely-crafted piece of work from start to finish.

‘Clash’ is first up on this two-track EP. Its soothing pads sweep across light percussion, filling the mix with a warmth that sends shivers down the spine. This combined with the subtle use of panpipes washed in reverb for a distinctly oriental melody is the standout characteristic that shines through an already radiant track. Although ‘Clash’ is awash with chill-out vibes that will no doubt remind many of a perfect Ibiza sunset, the rolling bassline fills the track with a Balearic energy that gives it substantial dancefloor credentials.

‘Hang’ is the second and final track on the EP, and within thirty seconds it’s obvious to see (or hear) that it’s the perfect paring for ‘Clash’. Following suit with another oriental melody laced with the perfect amount of high-frequency sparkle and a subtle sprinkling of reverb. Although, again, the track retains a great depth and although focused on a fairly relaxed groove, this is definitely the more dancefloor-orientated of the two tracks. With simple drum rhythms and shuffling hats, the track holds a rock-solid groove.


With massive early support from:

Davide Squillace / Reboot / Stacey Pullen
Oliver Schories / Franco Bianco / Ramon Tapia
Karotte / Giom / Sasch BBC
Tensnake / Crazy P / Sante
Droog / Piemont / Doomwork
Dirty Channels / Moodymanc

+ many more tba

Release Date: 16.6.2014

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