Premiere: Cuneyt Cilingiroglu – Salome (West & Hill and Kapibara Remix) [OMENI]

Premiere: Cuneyt Cilingiroglu – Salome (West & Hill and Kapibara Remix) [OMENI]

Premiere: Cuneyt Cilingiroglu – Salome (West & Hill and Kapibara Remix) [OMENI]

by April 23, 2019

In the history of mankind, people danced either for praising Gods, winning the wars or celebrating the happy events such as births, marriages, crownings; but, at early times of christianity, a young girl, the daughter of King Herod II in Jerusalem has danced only for power, wealth, lust, vengeance by praising the hatred, evil and the dead.

“Salome Remixes EP” is telling us the ancient story of this breath-taking beautiful young girl, called as “Salome” from different perspectives with remixes of Dogus Cihan, West & Hill, Kapibara, Rancido and Soulroots.

In this EP, the “Original Mix” tells us the story with ancient melodies, ritual percussions and mystic grooves, that how she has performed her seductive dance for King Herod Antipas. While she was hypnotizing the crowd hungry for lust with her dance, the blood of the decapaited head of Johnthe Baptist on a tray was dropping to her hips.

The Remix of “Dogus Cihan” has brought a “mystic ambiance” to the story by playing his magnificent flute tunes and he made us to focus to the “joyful entertainment of the crowd” who were watching such a magnificent “sinful dance” performed by Salome at that ancient times.

“West & Hill” and “Kapibara” have translated this ancient story to the days of our times with their “powerful” beats and “melodic modern vibes” by inviting young Salomes to dance today for love, peace and happiness from one next to another.

“Rancido” and “Soulroots” have highlighted the “powerful”and “passionate” elements in story by matching their “unique” organic beats with their “finest progressive afro rythms and melodies” at the front-ground to tell us the story now again in their own style as a lesson to learn for the future times.

Release Date: 26th of april 2019
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