Redbed – La All [Sol Eterno]

Redbed – La All [Sol Eterno]

Redbed – La All [Sol Eterno]

by October 9, 2018

Berlin-based Sol Eterno has not been around for long, but graces the underground
electronic music field with another solid EP that continues to cultivate the label’s
distinctively organic signature sound. Redbed is no household name, and Jens
Fischinger is relatively new to the scene, but the three tracker and Sol Eterno’s fourth
release, does not rely on how his artistic persona arouses listeners but how it actually
lands delicately on aural spaces and effortlessly connects with the senses. Melodic
and deep, airy and textured, the title track waltzes gracefully into the melancholic and
soulful vocal-based B-side, Bitzig and concludes with a more dancefloor-geared
remix of La All with a touch of nightscene savvy by Grizzly – of course, a Berlin thing.
SOL004 plays on the sensitive, more emotive side of dance music. La All hooks and
drifts, and leaves no reason not to just flow along with it.

Release Date 12.10.2018
Track1: Redbed – La All
Track 2: Redbed – Bitzig
Track 3: Redbed – La All ( Grizzly Mix )


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4 out of 5