Premiere: Yost Koen – Synthopa (Original Mix) [Asli Music]

Premiere: Yost Koen – Synthopa (Original Mix) [Asli Music]

Premiere: Yost Koen – Synthopa (Original Mix) [Asli Music]

by March 11, 2021

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Asli Music’s next release is ready to come out!

This release is very special, as the person behind this EP is the person creating our signature style and leading our vision.
Yost Koen – the man behind our sound, a super unique sound master and experienced producer that imprints a seal on each of his productions. At this EP, you get groovy running baselines, 80’s vibe, and a strong atmospheric story from bottom to top.

‘Covida EP’ includes four original gems.

Banger gem “Synthopa” opens the EP, the track starts slowly with a punchy groove and small arps, when the bass came in the story begin, Yost synthesis a weird melodic sound that takes the track to the next level, the breakdown is pure drama and the drop is simply BOOM.

The second track “Covida” takes us to the deeper side of space, with massive bassline sound and hypn otic strings in the background, the groove is a pure classic with great shakers all around, the breakdown starts with an emotional melody that takes us on a long trip straight to the drop. Pure Yost style

‘Pandemic World’
as the name means the track starts slowly with a pumping bassline and lots of weird small sounds in the background, Yost tells us that the vocal in this track is a sample that he recorded last year in the streets of Berlin.
If the pandemic had a voice is totally the sound of the main synth, the melody catches us in the first listening.

The last track is a pure electronic gem with smooth breakbeats and hypnotic arps all around, Yost knows as a multi-genre producer and he proves to us in this track that the genres are not important.
you gonna fall in love with this one.

Release Date: March 15th, 2021.
Label: Asli Music.
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