Premiere: Vini Pistori – Sentimental Space Disco [Paradiso Records]

Premiere: Vini Pistori – Sentimental Space Disco [Paradiso Records]

Premiere: Vini Pistori – Sentimental Space Disco [Paradiso Records]

by November 23, 2020

São Paulo prodigy Vini Pistori join into the ever-growing Paradiso family with his melodic masterclass of the ‘Enigma’ EP. Featuring a stunning remix from Time To Sleep.

Vini’s love for electronic music started very early, since the age of 12, he already went to parties in the city of São Paulo. In 2009 was already cited as a “self-made man” by Mixmag.

Self-taught, he deepened professionally.

Driven by the search for a sound that reflected his identity and personality, Vini was influenced by house and techno from the late 90s, in addition to melodies that he knew through classical music and progressive house.

His passion for music gave him knowledge as a drummer, in ad- dition to some other instruments.

As a DJ, he collects presentations at major clubs and festi- vals, such as D-Edge, Pacha, Laroc, Resonância, Leeds Festi- val, among others, sharing the booth with artists recognized worldwide. In addition to performances at clubs and festi- vals, Vini was already an official DJ for the launch of the Diadora 2008 collection and also played for brands such as Diesel, Reserva and Moet & Chandon.

His productions and set’s travel the globe through podcasts for media channels such as DHA (Deep House Amsterdam and London), Electronic Groove (EG), Xceed, Ibiza Global Radio, Frisky Radio and others.

Your sound is difficult to describe, it can be considered house, indie, techno among others of the genre.

He releases musics in labels like Monaberry, OMENI, Warung Rec, Calypso, among others, and his music is supported by major artists worldwide.


1. Enigma [Premiered by Club Mood Vibes – 25th?]
2. Robots Language [Premiered by UTA – 24th]
3. Sentimental Space Disco [Premiered by UTA – 23rd]
4. Sing of Dreams [Premiered by Suprematic Sounds – 25th]
5. Enigma (Time To Sleep ‘Winter Version’ Remix)

Release Date: 27/11/20
Label: Paradiso Records.

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