Premiere: Usmev – You Brought The Light [Alma Soul Music]

Premiere: Usmev – You Brought The Light [Alma Soul Music]

Premiere: Usmev – You Brought The Light [Alma Soul Music]

by June 12, 2017

Alma Soul Music release number 099 is signed by the multifaceted artist from Barcelona USMEV.

Xavi Altés began his piano and guitar lessons in the conservatory when he was still a child but at his sixteen his career opted for electronic music. Since then and until now his productions have been published in labels such as Traum Schallplatten, MBF Ltd, Resopal Schallware, Cymasonic o Bogota Records among others and now Alma Soul Music.

The Madrid based label feels the privilege of launching an important package of its long-standing catalogue hand in hand with Usmev, who gives us this “You Brought The Light”, a 3 cuts EP A where the harmonies and vibrating rhythms come to life in perfect symbiosis.

The launch opens with a homonymous track, a dreamer piece where the synthesis bass interlace with melodies that sway them in a journey to other spheres. “Back in Your Heart” is the most fighter track of all of them, a song where the Funk and House push you to the Chicago essence dance without losing the perspective of the trademark melodies. “My Time With You” close the EP, a deep track with a progressive and delicate evolution, perfect climax of a release in which Usmev shows one more time his talent.

Let your imagination fly.

Label: Alma Soul Music
Artist: Usmev
Release: You Brought The Light
Cat: ASM099
Release date: 16.06.17



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