Premiere: SOSANDLOW – Calima (Cipy Remix) [Musica Cavernicola]

Premiere: SOSANDLOW – Calima (Cipy Remix) [Musica Cavernicola]

Premiere: SOSANDLOW – Calima (Cipy Remix) [Musica Cavernicola]

by June 28, 2021

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Musica Cavernicola is taking a firm and determined step to become one of the Spanish electronic scene’s essential labels. The label owned by SOSANDLOW, who always take care of their musical quality and have an unmistakable style, hasn’t stopped growing in the international market. On this occasion, the duo is in charge of their label’s ninth reference. A release that also includes remixes by two respected names in the scene, the Spanish artist Alex Medina and the Italian Cipy, two regulars on prestigious labels such as Innervisions or Multinotes.

“Calima” is the track that gives its name to this EP and that opens it with total solidity. SOSANDLOW affirm with conviction that this is one of their best bodies of work to date. A composition based on an evocative melody that transports you to distant lands. Inspired by a trip to Lanzarote, it finds its particular Leit Motiv in Africa. The percussion that accompanies the synthesizers and the bass that surrounds everything, result in a totally hypnotic project that the duo have mastered.

The remixes of the original track only increase the success of the release. The first is by Alex Medina, an artist who knows very well the effects of haze, which in spanish is calima, in the Canary Islands as that is where he is from.. Risky as he is in his compositions, he takes the melodies to his ground, playing with complex harmonies that evoke the confusion that these winds exert on people’s minds. A different but undoubtedly effective project. On the other hand, the Italian Cipy, with his sights set on the club, incorporates cyclical elements that take the track towards a more intimate and deeper terrain, without losing intensity, increasing the feeling of trance and the need to surrender to dance.

The release is closed by a new original track also by SOSANDLOW. “Bahía” is a journey through jungle sounds and meandering huts. Arpeggiated synths with punchy overtones and a smooth bassline push the track into the input of their ethnic vocals. These pause the track to later raise it again with a vigorous break in the form of a hypnotic pad that runs through the stereo from side to side. A composition full of energy and solidity that completes this robust release.


1. SOSANDLOW – Calima (Original Mix)
2. SOSANDLOW – Calima (Alex Medina Remix)
3. SOSANDLOW – Calima (Cipy Remix)
4. SOSANDLOW – Bahia (Original mix)

Release Date: July 2nd, 2021.
Label: Musica Cavernicola.

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