Premiere: Ràkale – Spaceis [Eastern Standard]

Premiere: Ràkale – Spaceis [Eastern Standard]

Premiere: Ràkale – Spaceis [Eastern Standard]

by June 14, 2021

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As one of the co-founders of Engrave Ltd and What Ever Not, Italian DJ, producer and gifted carpenter Dodi Palese is no stranger to the business.
Ahead of the label’s launch, Dodi sent us this tracks that perfectly represent Eastern Standard’s statement.

He is the responsible for ‘Da Quelle Parti’, an intense approach to electronic music via Ràkale heteronym, where Dodi reveals all his influencences.


1. Ràkale – Seventeen Months
2. Ràkale – Spaceis
3. Ràkale – Rava’s Theme
4. Ràkale – Da Quelle Parti

Release Date: June 18th, 2021.
Label: Eastern Standard.

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