Premiere: Paul Schmidpeter – Mercury [Artminding]

Premiere: Paul Schmidpeter – Mercury [Artminding]

Premiere: Paul Schmidpeter – Mercury [Artminding]

by June 8, 2022

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Handmade percussions combined with distorted analogue sounds and tons of talent recapitulate the music art of German DJ and producer Paul Schmidpeter. His latest pieces will directly hit the heart of the upcoming festival season and deliver a perfect outside-vibe while being demanding enough to fill dark and sweaty club floors just alike. Thanks to a huge variety of sounds and synths – e.g. the Korg Monopoly, Prophet 6 and Nord Lead 2X to name a few – the artist creates a rapturous and beatificial atmosphere as if it would be the easiest thing in world.


1. Paul Schmidpeter – Zero One
2. Paul Schmidpeter – Mercury
3. Paul Schmidpeter – Capsule

Release Date: June 10th, 2022.
Label: Artminding.

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