Premiere: OIBAF&WALLEN – Arion (Original Mix) [Eklektisch]

Premiere: OIBAF&WALLEN – Arion (Original Mix) [Eklektisch]

Premiere: OIBAF&WALLEN – Arion (Original Mix) [Eklektisch]

by January 26, 2021

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Eklektisch keeps pushing on in these difficult times for the music industry. Without a doubt, hope and perseverance are words that are repeated in the heads of many of us to continue to add and keep growing until all this finally passes. So the next EP has a lot of that, hope. Eklektisch gives a warm welcome from Madrid OIBAF & WALLEN with their EP entitled Atlante.
After a few months taking a breath and some new ideas, without going to the studio due to the Pandemic situation, we finally sat together in front of our equipment and began to work on something we wanted to be special and a bit different from our usual sound so far. Our work philosophy is to always reach new goals and search new sound challenges constantly.

The Atlante EP means a lot for us, it opens a new path of possibilities within our style, something that comes from mixing our main genre with breaks (which one we love), deep & ethereal atmospheres and melodic enviro nment. 

We worked on analog and digital both synths and groove-boxes to design this works but, the most unusual point on this release, is the live recording we made of some organic and groove elements such as shakers, percussion and hits.

Enjoy this amazing trip by OIBAF&WALLEN!

Release Date: 29-1-2021
Label: Eklektisch.

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