Premiere: Morninglasses – Tango (Ki.Mi. Remix) [Motek Music]

Premiere: Morninglasses – Tango (Ki.Mi. Remix) [Motek Music]

Premiere: Morninglasses – Tango (Ki.Mi. Remix) [Motek Music]

by November 3, 2017

The 37th release on Motek Music welcomes back Russian duo Morninglasses with their 2nd original release ‘Tango’, including remixes by Jay Tripwire, Ki.Mi. and Chris C.
This subtle and sophisticated EP consists of two original tracks, title track ‘Tango’ and second original ‘Roundhead’. 

Tango takes on an almost Jazz feel within the instrumentation with light feathering on the dark ride cymbal, soft ghost notes on the snare and a reoccurring piano riff. These elements sit within a rolling foundation of kick and hi hat over warm synth elements. 

Roundhead keeps the same understated feel of Tango, warm and flowing through the arrangement with sub bass mixed with an analogue bass tone to provide a bounce and groove to the production. 

Remixing this release we are happy to have Jay Tripwire and Chris C back and also to welcome for the first time to the label Ki.Mi.. All remixes keep the same feel to the originals, texturally softer with a mysterious edge. 

Jay Tripwire has added in tech elements to take the groove up in intensity, a repeating block tune adding movement along side gritty saw synth effects. Ki.Mi. has also taken the same route adding techy stylings with percussive stab and woody
voicing whilst Chris C has stripped the track back to a more minimal field.

Release Date: 6th of December 2017

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of Ki.Mi Remix.