Premiere: Kapibara – Agouti [EKLEKTISCH]

Premiere: Kapibara – Agouti [EKLEKTISCH]

Premiere: Kapibara – Agouti [EKLEKTISCH]

by November 23, 2021

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Kapibara’s music is always influenced by wildlife, a wide array of fascinating sounds: sometimes dark and deep, sometimes colorful and ecstatic. Almost all of their original tracks have been given (scientific) animal names.

This 3-track EP, straight from the Netherlands, is composed by Goonch, a giant devil catfish from India. Agouti, a swift jungle rodent from Central and South America and Bichir, an elongated air breathing dragon fish from Africa.

Old school sounds with break rhythms in Armonica’s version of Goonch. The Italian duo are back to Eklektisch after their acclaimed “Back To You” which reached #1 on Electronica charts.


1. Kapibara – Goonch
2. Kapibara – Bichir
3. Kapibara – Agouti
4. Kapibara – Goonch (Armonica Remix)

Release Date: November 26th, 2021

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