Premiere: Joal – Love Me [Moodmusic Records]

Premiere: Joal – Love Me [Moodmusic Records]

Premiere: Joal – Love Me [Moodmusic Records]

by December 30, 2020

With ‘Moodmusic presents : Vesi’ edition we present you an 8-track compilation from friends from all around the world and bring you some warm moments for this cold and gloomy winter of standstill and agitation. Artist such as Jepe, Sasse, Joal and Red Pig Flower among others are featured.

Joal is a Portuguese DJ, producer and live performer based in Berlin and with one of the most exciting live acts in recent years.

Music cannibal, constant sonority accumulator, sometimes melancholic and crazy thinker, are just some of the variables that generate his individual. Not wanting to converge in a specific genre of sounds, instead, he wants to be the synthesis of a continuous and restless contamination and commingling of various elements and sonority absorbed over the years.

Basic elements from house and techno are without doubt his most common ground to explore, although, continuous experimentation, openness to change and versatility are key words to define his music.

His dedication gave him the opportunity to release on some of the most well known labels in the world, like M_nus, Selador, Knee Deep in Sound, as well as having frequent exposure in the featuring sections and TOP charts of stores like

In 2010 and until 2017, he was in charge of Monog Records, whose Modus Operandi is to create a unique and familiar relationship with the Artists and their music.

In 2018 he joined JEPE and Juaau to form Perce
Perce is a record label aiming to tells the lush story of personal discovery and eternal devotion to the elements of nature, which weave in and out of consciousness into a state of being.

Release Date: January 8th, 2021
Label: Moodmusic Records

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