Premiere: ikaro Grati – Kimono (Biesmans Remix)

Premiere: ikaro Grati – Kimono (Biesmans Remix)

Premiere: ikaro Grati – Kimono (Biesmans Remix)

by August 13, 2020

Asli music keeps on delivering to you the best of an underground electronic vibe. This time with fresh and unique tunes from Belgium by ikaro Grati + beautiful remix by Biesmans.

ikaro’s unconditional love for music arose while he grew up in Poperinge. A small yet cozy town in West Flanders, Belgium. Surrounded by youngsters and friends, IG’s interest in various genres of music rose day by day. Whilst visiting clubs in Kortrijk, Ghent, and Antwerp, he broke into producing his own music. While Ikaro was acquiring tons of knowledge and tricks, he kept on developing his own style.
His style can be sketched as a deep yet slightly ambient style dominated by classical influences.

He tries to combine this hypnotic style with the art of silence. He was inspired by great musicians but also by his friends from his hometown. But the main source for his inspiration is the sound of nature.

Early Support from Interaxxis, Onur Ozman, JEPE, Animal Picnic, Brina Knauss, 8Kays, Shall Ocin, Bog, Chicola, Mike Griego, Luke Garcia, Stereocalypse, Innellea, Audiojack, AFFKT, Biesmans.

Release Date: August 24th, 2020.
Label: Asli Music.

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